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Mohd. Azhar Uddin(Former Indian Cricket Capt.)

I take this opportunity like I have in the past as a cricketer, that enthusiasm and expert guidance alone can reap benefits in a personal and professional bond. Similarly, my coming into contact with Imraan Bhai enabled me to surmount the darkest chapter of my life. He has powers and talent that can effect change and infuse a new and evolved life. My finest good wishes to him.

Cindy C, Panama USA, (Author)

“Imran is the real deal. A very gifted man who helped me heal from a very dark problem. He is caring and accurate. I recommend him highly.”

Irrfan Khan, Actor (India)

irfankhanI have been consulting Imraan for many years regarding projects, property and relationships. many a times I wasn’t kicked about certain projects and I was advised to take up those projects because its going to be fruitful, and it turned out that way and vice versa. I could continue this association because it seemed more personal as if your alter ego is conversing, arguing, suggesting and warning you, rather then a third person looking at your life and predicting things for you.

Anshumaan Swami, Film Producer (India)

AnshumaanTo be able to reason out our being here on this planet, to be able to figure out our rights and wrongs is not possible in one life time. Thankfully I met Imraan: life’s understandings and doings have become much simpler and smoother. God bless him…

This entire story was fictionalized by Zee TV, and they aired it in the form of a story, please watch that on the following link

Dilbar Raza Mir, Dubai

Firstly i would like to thank Sayed Imraan Hassny for changing my life since the day i met him,…Imraan is the chosen one …. ( )

Manoj Kumar, Actor & producer, India

manojkumarYou are too accurate, you are gifted with powers use it for society welfare. All the best.

Henry from the United States

henryI met master Sayed Imraan Hassny in my quest for knowledge, during this quest i got to know i was under some serious Black Magic. Master Imraan helped heal the effect at least put a stop from future attacks using a combinations of healing methods. I have searched High and Low for a worthy master, spent vast amounts of money looking for a good teacher. The one thing I can say boldly about him is he knows what he is doing. Any man whom cares about the affairs of the human race more than money in my books has the true knowledge of command spirits like in the days of old. Another thing about him is he does not do what some may consider Black Magic so don’t even ask. This Man is the real Deal.

Dr. Unus, Principal, Pakistan

drunusMy entire life I never believed in any such science or predictions, But after I start consulting with Imran, my perception and life has changed to a greater extent. I am very thankful. God bless him.

Few other beneficiaries

Oscar Reed, aka (Olgun Aziz) Actor, Turkey

I am Muslim and do not follow the predictive sciences, but am really surprised when he recounted my past life so accurate , like I was reading my own diary.. thank you Imraan

Anikka Forbes, actress, Italy

Since I met him thru internet, I can say that my life has been completely transformed, notably on a psychological level. He have opened the path towards that which I waited for and what I was looking for.

(name withheld by request), Shiv Sena Leader

I don’t know how to fully express my gratitude for the help and advice you have given me. I first contacted him, it was a little bit just by chance and by curiosity. But the most amazing was the accuracy of the dates he gave me, today I am very happy indeed, his guidance enhanced my career a lot ….

Md. Rashid Alam, Health Ministry, (Oman)

I am amazed with the insight given by him, someone can predict future so precisely, he asked me not to do journey on a particular day, and my car was crashed badly resulting the death of my driver …. its like a new life to me.

Arvind Patel, M.D.,MNC (Mauritius)

I turned to Imraan coincidentally while I was deriving from my matrimonial path. I felt I was being dragged by forces unexplainable to me. However I was amazed at how he helped me get back on the right track and I am and will always be grateful for how he helped me saved myself and the future of my kids. I since, (back in 1998) always consult Imraan, for any relationship matters that I have and he always been helpful and assisted in all the way he could.

Kate, Graphic Designer (London)

I found Imraan on the internet when I needed answers to some life situations which were really bothering me. I was very touched by the quick response and help I got when I contacted him and even recommended him to my sister. Imraan is a life long friend and a genuinely gifted man who is very passionate about what he does. Thank you for making a positive impact in my life; I see life differently now.

Maggie, Business Consultant, London

Imraan has been a great help to me and my family when life seemed not to be going anywhere. Now I approach every situation with boldness and positivity. Imraan has also helped me understand spirituality better. I particularly like the way he uses humor to diffuse difficult situations. I will always keep in touch with him and I feel he is my true friend.

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