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Palmistry or Hand Reading is the art of disclosing, by means of the Hand, its form, texture, fingers, mounts, lines etc., the secrets of the brain together with its quality and quantity and its action with its subsequent results upon the character, career and life of the individual.palmistry

The hand is the direct representation of the brain and mind. In order to prove this statement and fix relation between brain and the hand, and in order to say that hand plays a most important role in a man’s life, following are some observations and proofs.

On examining the texture of a of the hand of a cultured person, it is often found to be elastic or fine as comparable with his fine speech and reasonable action and conduct; on the other hand , the texture of vulgar or laborer’s hand will be found rough and coarse, same his speech and actions are.

When the thumb and its behaviors is observed, in case of an infant up to 6 months old, the thumb is always seen close din his palm, the infant during that age has not any will power at all, similarly the thumb of an Idiot appears always to be small and weak. It is further observed that his whole hand is small and the thumb dropped or bent towards the palm. This adult idiot , also has no will power.

In an other example there are signs in Hand for centuries past these have been held as warnings of sudden death. The signs are:

  • The line of life ceasing abruptly, with deep, black spots on it.
  • The line of heart beginning suddenly (with out ramifications) under the mount of Saturn
  • In both hands the line of heart joined to the line of Mentality under the mount of Jupiter or Saturn.
  • One short line traced in each phalanx of each finger.

This science is de-famed by a number of fraudulent practices indulged in the reading of hands for money, the first and essential fraud being that the so-called palmist or chiromant has no real knowledge of the science he or she supposed to thoroughly conversant with. The so-called palmist is generally ignorant to a degree and trades shamelessly on public credulity. These people only spread bad name to them and to this science also.

The special significance of the human hand was recognized at least as far back as the stone age hand prints made in red ochre and black pigment have been discovered in European caves, with some particularly fine examples to be seen in the famous Altamira caves, at Santillana del Mar, Spain.

Dermatoglyphics is the name of the empirical study and classification of the skin-ridge patters found on the palms of the hand soles of the feet. This science is somewhat related to Palmistry, some palmists use it also while analyzing the Hand. It is currently being used in America and Germany to pre-diagnose and treat latent mental and physical ill health.

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Mohd. Azhar Uddin(Former Indian Cricket Capt.)

I take this opportunity like I have in the past as a cricketer, that enthusiasm and expert guidance alone can reap benefits in a personal and professional bond. Similarly, my coming into contact with Imraan Bhai enabled me to surmount the darkest chapter of my life. He has powers and talent that can effect change and infuse a new and evolved life. My finest good wishes to him.

Cindy C, Panama USA, (Author)

“Imran is the real deal. A very gifted man who helped me heal from a very dark problem. He is caring and accurate. I recommend him highly.”

Irrfan Khan, Actor (India)

irfankhanI have been consulting Imraan for many years regarding projects, property and relationships. many a times I wasn’t kicked about certain projects and I was advised to take up those projects because its going to be fruitful, and it turned out that way and vice versa. I could continue this association because it seemed more personal as if your alter ego is conversing, arguing, suggesting and warning you, rather then a third person looking at your life and predicting things for you.

Anshumaan Swami, Film Producer (India)

AnshumaanTo be able to reason out our being here on this planet, to be able to figure out our rights and wrongs is not possible in one life time. Thankfully I met Imraan: life’s understandings and doings have become much simpler and smoother. God bless him…

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