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Black Magic and Psychosomatic / Psychological affects:

Every problem in life is not caused by black magic, there are people who are going through a weak phase in life, with blocked income, love life not working, failure in relationships, lacks continuity in jobs, lack of sleep, anxiety causing sleepless nights, palpitations, medical expenses, all coming at the same time causing all kind of problems, this may not be a case of black magic. A similar weak phase in a human life is a normal phenomenon. A negative mind attract one problem after other.

Seeing a Ghost and Psychological Problems:

“Ghosts” are often the result of pranks, environmental phenomenon, or physiological conditions such as sleep paralysis and the hypnogogic and hypnopompic hallucinations that accompany it.
Sleep paralysis occurs when there is a disconnect between mind and body while people are going in or coming out of REM sleep. Ghostly sightings can also be brought on as a result of a psychotic state, drug use, sleep deprivation or temporal lobe epilepsy. A “ghost” can also be an illusion produced by the brain, particularly when a person is tired.
The probability of hallucinating rises with any of several possible functional shifts within the brain’s awareness system. Anything that prompts a move from word-based thinking to imagistic or pictorial thinking predisposes a person to hallucinating. I again suggest when such problem arises consult a good psychiatrist/ Psychologist.

Someone speaking in your mind:

Some people feel that they are under the influence of Black Magic and the people who did this are hearing their every thought. This is a psychological a symptom of psychosis. Similarly there are people who hear voices of others, A symptom of schizophrenia in which a patient reports hearing the thoughts of others, being able to broadcast his/her own thoughts, and hear thoughts or voices where none exist. This happens when the balance of certain brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) is altered. Neurotransmitters are needed to pass messages between brain cells. An altered balance of these may cause the symptoms. Consulting a psychiatrist and taking antipsychotic medication and Cognitive behavioral therapy will easily cure this disorder.

Black cats crossing your path:

this superstition arises from old beliefs in witches and their animal familiars; it has nothing to do in reality.
mythsA rabbit’s foot, Lion’s tooth, horns of certain animals will bring you luck:
Talismans and amulets are a time-honored way of fending off evil; consider the crosses and garlic that are supposed to keep vampires at bay. Rabbit feet as talismans may hark back to early Celtic tribes in Britain. They may also arise from hoodoo, a form of African-American folk magic and superstition that blends Native American, European and African tradition.

Broken Mirrors, ladders, Owls are considered as bad omen.

Touch Wood, the most common phrase, crossing the fingers, there are endless list of superstitions
The superstition is a belief not based on fact. The Myth is an explanation of a phenomenon that was once a religious tenant.

Also I want to point out, everything we do not have a logical or scientific explanation is not a superstition or Myth. There is something between belief and dis-belief. There are few powers which are at this point of time have no logical and scientific explanation, may be at a later stage.

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Mohd. Azhar Uddin(Former Indian Cricket Capt.)

I take this opportunity like I have in the past as a cricketer, that enthusiasm and expert guidance alone can reap benefits in a personal and professional bond. Similarly, my coming into contact with Imraan Bhai enabled me to surmount the darkest chapter of my life. He has powers and talent that can effect change and infuse a new and evolved life. My finest good wishes to him.

Cindy C, Panama USA, (Author)

“Imran is the real deal. A very gifted man who helped me heal from a very dark problem. He is caring and accurate. I recommend him highly.”

Irrfan Khan, Actor (India)

irfankhanI have been consulting Imraan for many years regarding projects, property and relationships. many a times I wasn’t kicked about certain projects and I was advised to take up those projects because its going to be fruitful, and it turned out that way and vice versa. I could continue this association because it seemed more personal as if your alter ego is conversing, arguing, suggesting and warning you, rather then a third person looking at your life and predicting things for you.

Anshumaan Swami, Film Producer (India)

AnshumaanTo be able to reason out our being here on this planet, to be able to figure out our rights and wrongs is not possible in one life time. Thankfully I met Imraan: life’s understandings and doings have become much simpler and smoother. God bless him…

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