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Sayed Imraan Hassny started this centre in the year 1992. Since then, the centre, led by him has been dedicated to the fight against against black magic, evil practices, Malefic Energies, protection against Dark & Negative Energy Infliction and evil forces. The powers he possesses are inborn and not acquired. He is a gifted.

Imraan realized of his gifted powers for the first time when he was barely twelve years old. It so happened that one fine morning when his uncle was leaving for work, young Imraan looked at him and asked him not to step out of the house as he felt he would be hit by a truck. His uncle expressed amusement by his unfounded observation and as usual went about to his workplace. A little distance away from his uncle’s office, all of a sudden a truck rammed into his vehicle.


Luckily, his uncle escaped with minor bruises on his body. Upon returning home, the family members who were quite dazed by the predicted incident began questioning young Imraan – Whether he had seen some apparition, vision etc. Imraan had no answers for them.

Gradually, Imraan’s glimpses into the future started escalating. He predicted that his aunt’s marriage would get fixed in the next two days and he even described the physical attributes of the person she was going to marry. It did get fixed by the end of the second day. Such predictions were many – whether the unborn baby of his relative was male or female, that there would soon be a divorce between a couple known to him and all of his predictions never went wrong. In fact, they were fast mounting on the young lad to such an extent that his family slowly began to get agitated by it all. They felt that predicting the future was like interfering with the ways of divinity. Being discouraged by the elders in the family, he became conscious and under the spotlight.

When he grew up to go to college, he restrained himself from predicting as he felt that people around him became frightened of his mystical powers and would rather stay away from him. In order to outwit them, he started pretending to be a palmist. He would pretend to read the person’s palm and predict his/her future as it came to him.

Although Imraan learnt to express his uncanny powers, he quite didn’t know the source of this power. Where did they come from and why was he the chosen one? He sought answers for years spending time in serious studies and research into the mystical sciences. Finally, he realized by the help of studies – what he possessed was the ability to read the subconscious mind.

When he was around 17, he came to know another aspect of his power. He once was tending to one of his family member admitted in a hospital following an operation. pcyshicpowersOne night, an accident victim arrived. The young man had fallen from an electric pole while undertaking repair work which resulted in spinal injuries which needed emergency treatment. The doctors attended to him immediately and once his condition stabilized, they put him next to his uncle’s bed and left him to be monitored by the nursing staff. When Imraan saw the man’s face, he sensed loss and death for the first time. He deduced from this sense that the man would pass away in exactly seven hours. He calculated the time and accordingly the end was to be at 11:30 pm. It was scary. At 17, he was not mature enough to handle such casualties. He could not even share such fatal premonition as nobody would believe him. Those remaining seven hours were the toughest in his life. At about eleven o’clock, the injured man from the electric pole who was lying calmly on his bed began moaning gently. Alarmed, Imraan instantly went up to the nurse. The nurse came rushing, adjusted his drip and checked the man for responses. There was no movement whatsoever. The time was exactly 11:30 pm.

While Imraan realized he could sense death, he did not know if the hospital experience was a freak one. Could he do it again? Next day at the hospital, he got his answers. He had similar sensation of distinguishing the real from the ethereal; he now knew he was able to see death approaching for the chosen ones. Once inside the hospital ward he could sense the patient who were about to depart their mortal beings in the next few days, or the next few hours.

There were more sublime experiences that were waiting for him in the future. Some years later, Imraan discovered that he had the ability to communicate with the supernatural world. At times, when there were questions that did not have answers in their earthly environment, the answers could be found through exchanges with the supernatural forces.

Although these powers did give Imraan exceptional experiences, they were not without their negative effects. Reading the real intentions behind smiling faces, the machinations of the minds, disclosing their real motives would at times, become extremely difficult to tackle. Having lived with these powers for a long time, he learned to harness them productively. Earlier, whether he was prepared or not, he would unconsciously end up reading the subconscious mind of the individuals who would show up before him. But with experience, he learnt to abstain from this practice.

Nevertheless, Imraan’s sole objective in starting a centre for study and research of energies was to help people who are in distress and help them understand their future course, know their past and help them overcome the blocks and difficult situations of life. Although this centre has been set up with the purpose of helping as many individuals as possible and put in their best efforts in that direction. At times, it does become difficult to attend to the needs of each and every individual; however the centre responds to people who are in dire need of help and are not here just for the sake of curiosity.

Imraan began his career in the field of Information Technology, and has had a very successful vocation in the field. Today, besides pursuing many other interests his innate awareness of the powers is not to create a follower ship or wealth, he instead devotes and extends a hand for humankind to become one with self and reap the bounty of the universe and its myriad secrets. Out of many questions that keep knocking his conscience and still remains unanswered is why he is the chosen one?

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Mohd. Azhar Uddin(Former Indian Cricket Capt.)

I take this opportunity like I have in the past as a cricketer, that enthusiasm and expert guidance alone can reap benefits in a personal and professional bond. Similarly, my coming into contact with Imraan Bhai enabled me to surmount the darkest chapter of my life. He has powers and talent that can effect change and infuse a new and evolved life. My finest good wishes to him.

Cindy C, Panama USA, (Author)

“Imran is the real deal. A very gifted man who helped me heal from a very dark problem. He is caring and accurate. I recommend him highly.”

Irrfan Khan, Actor (India)

irfankhanI have been consulting Imraan for many years regarding projects, property and relationships. many a times I wasn’t kicked about certain projects and I was advised to take up those projects because its going to be fruitful, and it turned out that way and vice versa. I could continue this association because it seemed more personal as if your alter ego is conversing, arguing, suggesting and warning you, rather then a third person looking at your life and predicting things for you.

Anshumaan Swami, Film Producer (India)

AnshumaanTo be able to reason out our being here on this planet, to be able to figure out our rights and wrongs is not possible in one life time. Thankfully I met Imraan: life’s understandings and doings have become much simpler and smoother. God bless him…

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